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My name is Tony, I am single, in the prime of my life, and have a wide variety of interests. I have been using the internet from around the time that it began to appear on the radar screen of the general public. The revolutionary nature of the medium was clear from early on, but it took a number of years for me to decide how I wanted to use it from the standpoint of personal expression. The rapid increase of personal weblogs, coupled with the interlinking communities and filtering which developed as a natural outgrowth, triggered a desire on my part to create a personal site which would potentially serve several purposes.

At its heart, this site was created to be a place where I can post and share impressions and observations. The topics are fairly wide ranging, though I certainly have specific areas of interest. My personal forms of expression are photography and writing, both of which I have enjoyed practicing on and off through the years.

The site also serves the purpose of providing information which has been gathered from many sources from around the web. This is done with varying degrees of frequency (depending on what is going on in my life at any given time), and I strive to provide reprints of, or links to posts from other sources which I consider to be excellent, amusing, beautiful, important, or at least interesting.

Like my life, I most certainly consider the site to be a work in progress, and am happy to receive feedback in the form of gushing praise, constructive criticism, or anything in between.


about me



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